ERP for Blown Films

Suitable for Units manufacturing Multi layer Blown Films, Laminates, All kinds of Pouches, Sleeves, WPP, HDPE bags, Shopping Bags etc. System Caters in detail for Production Sections – Blown Film/Printing /Lamination/Slitting/Pouching /Packing Sections. Package is designed modular so clients can opt for sections as applicable.

Blown Films has large applications in Primary &  Secondary packing of the goods. This is used in Milk Packaging also. This can be used as plain and /printed.

Our ERP for Flexible Packing System is designed Modular and is divided into Materials , Detailed Process wise Production, Accounts, Finance, Taxation, Sales & Distribution, Marketing so that even if we want to implement One Area, you can do it without the rigidity of implementing all the areas simultaneously. Modules fully integrate with each other.

ERP for Flexible Packing

  • Multi Stores System. Individual Unit can have many stores.
  • QC Inspections, Floor Rejections
  • Quotation Comparisons from different vendors
  • Stock Reserve Module – Specific RM Rolls to be reserved Work order wise.
  • Detailed Production System – covers process wise Production , WIP, Waste , QC , Prodution Spectifications, Roll Tracking

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ERP for Blown Films

ERP for Blown Films

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