ERP for Converters

ERP solution to streamline production processes of a packaging company right from order up till dispatch. All production processes like printing, lamination, slitting , rewinding ,  pouching, packing are covered. System assists in RM Procurement, WIP Management, Wastage control, machine wise performance, downtime analysis, incharge/operator wise performance.

All the departments get seamlessly integrated with one another be it PPC, purchase, QC, dispatch, marketing, top management.

Complete and exhaustive Web ERP for manufacturers of Flexible Packaging, lamitubes, collapsible tubes, sleeves, blown films, Labels.

System Design

Our ERP System is designed Modular and is divided into Inventory Management,Accounts,Finance,Taxation,Sales & Distribution so that even if you want to implement One Area, you can do it without the rigidity of implementing all the areas simultaneously. Modules fully integrate with each other.

System Platform

Platform is .NET as the front end and Oracle 11g as backend. Runs on CLOUD. Access on Mobile and tablets on the move. Handles multiple plants

Solution Coverage

  •  Job Estimation, Quotation
  •  Job Card
  •  Order Management
  •  Stores & Purchase
  •  Production Planning
  •  Cylinder/Plates/Tools Handling
  •  Invoicing and Sales MIS
  •  Scheduling of Production orders
  •  Process wise Production, QC, WIP
  •  Plant Maintenance
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Accounts, Finance and Taxation

ERP for Converters – Salient Features

  • Handles Multiple plants and locations
  • Runs on Web
  • Cloud Hosting Possible
  • Access on Mobile and Tablets

ERP for Converters – Solution Benefits

  •  Optimizes business Processes end to end
  •  Provides full integration of business partners (customers, Suppliers, Employees)
  • Roll Tracking to analyze quality problem down the line.  Future business needs
  •  Faster access to information for the top management, Production managers.
  •  Faster response to customers be it sending quotations, production status.
  •  Low cost of ownership and fast return on investment.
  •  Enhanced company image
  •  Time saving of managers in making reports, Marketing team in estimating costs.
  •  Controlled and accurate flow of data with formatted reports.
  • ERP for Converters

    ERP for Converters

    Packaging Industry is Growing at the fastest rate as compared to other Industries. Our Flexibiz ERP is suitable for all kinds of Packaging Industries and helps to assist to the ultimate level for Audit Clearance by MNC Customers who insist for the proper Quality Records , Roll Traceability to the raw material batches used in the production of the respective output bacthes / rolls.

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