ERP for Packaging Industry

Being a web based ERP solution, the biggest advantage of Flexibiz ERP is with its real time capabilities and the ability to see what is going on with your company and all its branches across different geographical locations, as it happens. For your Printing and Packaging business, Flexibiz-erp is handy tool that will help you with visibility of all your information at just one central screen.

Flexibiz-erp provides the solid operational backbone for your business. The system enables your business to function promptly, which will able to improve the volume of production and fulfillment of orders while reducing costs.

Can be used for WPP Bags, Pouches, Laminates , Labels Manfacturing , all kinds of Blown Films, Lamitubes manufacture. Gives process wise Roll Tracking, wastage analysis. Work order costing is available.

ERP for Packing – Advantage

This helps to minimise the wastage and keeps check on waste /quality control process wise. It gives you proper MIS based on Processes , WIP , Roll Traceability.

Suitable for all kinds of Blown Films, Converting Units , Labels Manufacturing, Flexible Packaging Units , Other Misc Packaging Industry.

Packaging Industry is Growing at the fastest rate as compared to other Industries. Our Flexibiz ERP is suitable for all kinds of Packaging Industries and helps to assist to the ultimate level for Audit Clearance by MNC Customers who insist for the proper Quality Records , Roll Traceability to the raw material batches used in the production of the respective output bacthes / rolls.

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ERP for Packaging Industry

ERP for Packaging Industry