ERP Solution hosted on Cloud Server. Client is able to access the solution from his laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet.
Data access on the move. this helps to stay in touch with company while on move. greatly helps marketing reps and top management who need to travel a lot.
They can instantly reply to their customer query by logging into system and check say their order status, pending bill payment, pending PO’s etc.

Flexibiz – ERP on Cloud

This is the era of cognitive and adaptive solutions. Are you still behind?
Digital technologies are disrupting business models every day. Born-in-cloud enterprise solutions are redefining the digital backbone of the organizations enabling them to innovate and succeed in an increasingly connected hyper competitive market place. However, organizations that are tied to traditional and legacy applications are struggling to cope-up with this new market reality. Today, businesses need more, an ERP smarter than the smartest Legacy system.

Flexibiz’s Post-Modern ERP aligns well with these market requirements

  • Mail it – NO login ERP. Perform everyday transactions by simply sending a 3-4 word email. For instance, you can raise purchase requests, apply/approve leaves or track shipment status and much more
  • Hub it – Never again would you have to shuttle through multiple screens to achieve a transaction workflow. Flexibiz’s powerful single HUB with actionable insights to complete your tasks, lets you perform all transactions, from a SINGLE screen. Imagine one destination to complete 25 different activities
  • Wear it – With Internet of Things and the rise of digital enterprises, wearables are taking centre-stage enabling business efficiencies. Flexibiz ERP is supported on leading wearable devices enabling notifications and transactions, providing a seamless mobile experience

Packaging Industry is Growing at the fastest rate as compared to other Industries. Our Flexibiz ERP is suitable for all kinds of Packaging Industries and helps to assist to the ultimate level for Audit Clearance by MNC Customers who insist for the proper Quality Records , Roll Traceability to the raw material batches used in the production of the respective output bacthes / rolls.

ERP on Cloud

ERP on Cloud